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Blazed and Amused: 420 Friendly ASMR, Stoner Self Care, and Cannabis Creativity

High there! Lindz here, the creator of Blazed and Amused ASMR and more! I’d like to welcome you to my own little smokey corner of the internet. Restore and refuel! This is a space for personal discovery where we utilize Mama Ganja as the intuitive healing tool she is. I won’t be providing medical advice but I do use my academic background and experience with mental health (both personal and professional) to help you bring your Mary Jane Mindset to new heights…popular topics include:

  • cannabis and hemp for health + wellness: tactics to encourage an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing 
  • cannabis art from myself and other much (much) more talented creatures (creative outlets are critical),
  • 420 travel as a way to celebrate diversity in norms, cultures + people, and
  • cannabis lifestyle because it’s a fluffy word that means I have full autonomy to do whatever I want here. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, shall we? 😉


But at the end of the day, if you want to leave behind your own lifted legacy of sorts, it requires openness and introspective deep dives. I believe cannabis has the power to change the world, but it all starts at home. BA-ers range from canna-curious to passionate potheads and everything in between. The goal here is to bring your mental wellness + self compassion to new heights. That’s a tall order! But how? By inviting you on this creative cannabis journey, of course! My favorite way to show up in advocating in the cannabis space is to create content for your growth or relaxation, particularly in audio/visual format.

How about becoming your own advocate? Let’s light up, chill out and dive in.

Dazed and Confused? no more, sista!

Blazed and Amused: combining cannabis wellness, cognitive science, and creativity to encourage a lifted lifestyle- from the inside out. 

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I’ll get to my story, first let’s talk about you.

My favorite people in the world to work with are the ones that don’t mind thinking out the box – that’s where all the pot is, you know? This may sound forward but if the following attributes speak to your soul, we may have a future together!

Cannabis for Mental Health

YOU ARE a passionate pot friend while at the same time INTROSPECTIVE + DATA DRIVEN.

You are a life hack lover and realize that managing your mind (and time!) is the ultimate preventative health measure. Your body is your temple and its functionality is a direct result of the shit you do to it/put in it/think about it. You are needing to come back to basics and figure out WHY you think or act the way you do and perhaps you need hard evidence to be convinced of anything. Maybe you’re like me and mental illness gets the best of you sometimes -that’s alright, sis! I hear ya. I see ya. I celebrate you.

Self-Care and Cannabis

You are canna-curious and burnt out on the daily grind.

You’re intrigued with the power plant that’s seemingly coming out of the woodwork and wonder how she can be incorporated into your lifestyle.  You would like to learn and practice the UNhustle to be able to live more fully + purposefully, but get lost in the fog and need some realignment. You see the value in taking the time to listen to your intuition but value having an accountability partner as well. You could use a little creative wellness tune-up.

Cannabis Travel Community

You are a weedy wanderess and POSSESS THE GROWTH + GLOBAL MINDSET

You value the community aspect of learning from one another and see travel as a beautiful two way street: an exchange of cultural norms, languages, + experiences. Diversity is the greatest teacher and experience the biggest lesson. ( did I just morph into a philosopher with that last question? THAT was a first! ha!) You enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone (or you would like to challenge yourself to do so) and are ready to create your own eat. WEED. pray. love. journey.

Cannabis and Camping

you are a sloth sister and APPRECIATE THE SIMPLE THINGS

The art of slow living > ‘busy – olympics.’ You’re a believer in the saying that “Productivity is not a badge of honor!”  but maybe forget it from time to time. *same* You would prefer a camp out to a club night, a book to a beauty magazine, and pot to shots. You could use a recharge session…in the forest…with a joint and likeminded blazed babes. Let’s put all of this personal discovery and yummy plant goodness into our physical worlds….together… perhaps in a land we have yet to visit. Sound tempting? I have just the space for you. Come sesh + storytime!

These days you can find me:

-soaking up the sun (and the moon, for that matter), hiking around Lake Constance, (aerial) yoga, cat mommin’ and book wormin’!

-diggin’ my day job creating content + resources to help relieve stress in the day-to-day.

-hustlin’ hard deep in research, writing + creating to continuously spread awareness on sustainable mental health and wellness habits (don’t worry, my UNhustle is equally as important). being a cannabis activist is like a whole way of life for me.

-challenging convention by promoting empathy through connection, whispering about weed for wellness, and wandering as often as possible.

I am blowing smoke on the stigma and painting the town green.

I’m glad you’re here too.

So now all there is to do is…

light up and stay a while.

(I’ve got lots of brain candy if you’ve got the munchies!)

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