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High there! Lindz here. I’d like to welcome you to my own little smokey corner of the internet. This is a space for personal discovery where I celebrate plant medicine healing and self care, art as therapy, and living off the beaten path. Here I share my experiences, things that helped in my own creative healing journey, the resulting creations, and more. I won’t be providing medical advice here. But I do use my love of all things cannabis, my academic background in Cognitive Neuroscience, and my experience with mental health (both personal and professional) to inspire my creations and dig deeper into curiosities.

Popular topics include:

  • plant medicine for health, wellness, + leisure: my personal pot stories + researched tactics to encourage an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing (my mom contributes here too!)
  • art + creativity  by way of photography, filmmaking, cinematic vlogs, collage, home decor, and whatever else I’m up to, and
  • what it’s like starting and running a small business in the Creative Cannabis Space and digital resources and templates for your Cannabis Brand or Business 


I believe connection to self and others through plant medicine as an intentional tool, has more benefits than society yet realizes. The far reaching impact ripples out past self and community into a far wider scope of Mother Earth herself. My favorite way to advocate for the world I want to see is to create content and resources I could have used when I first began my own creative healing (and creative cannabis business). My aim is to create in such a way that celebrates the possibility of cannabis and psychedelic medicine within personal growth, introspection, healing, relaxation, and more. 

To be Blazed and Bloomin’ is about becoming your own advocate.

Let’s light up, chill out and dive in.

Vibe with me:

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Featured in: 

published cannabis artist, shezblazed

These days you can find me:

  • soaking up the sun (or at least imagining it coming through the grey blanket often hanging in the sky- I live on the German + Swiss border ;)) with a camera, a book, and a bowl!
  • finding my flow in photo and video projects, designing interiors, and creating content + resources for my small community.
  • curious cattin’ in research, writing + creating 
  • challenging convention by promoting empathy through connection, normalizing weed for wellness, and wandering as often as possible.

get me on the ‘gram @blazedandbloomin

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light up and stay a while, whydontchya?

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