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Blazed and Amused, Cannabis friendly Film + Photo

High there! Lindz here, the creator of Blazed and Amused Cannabis Lifestyle and Film. I’d like to welcome you to my own little smokey corner of the internet. This is a space for personal discovery where I celebrate Mama Ganja as the intuitive healing tool she is. I won’t be providing medical advice but I do use my love of all things cannabis, my academic background in Cognitive Neuroscience, and my experience with mental health (both personal and professional) to inspire my creations.

Popular topics include:

  • cannabis and hemp for health + wellness: tactics  to encourage an enhanced mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing 
  • cannabis art  by way of photography, filmmaking, collage, home decor, and whatever else I’m up to
  • 420 travel as a way to celebrate diversity in norms, cultures + people, and
  • cannabis lifestyle because it’s a fluffy word that means I have full autonomy to do whatever I want here. And that’s the whole point of this whole personal brand thing, amiright? 


I believe cannabis has the power to change the world, but it all starts at home.  My favorite way to advocate in the cannabis space is to create content for your growth or relaxation, particularly in audio/visual format. I do that by creating for my YouTube Channel the Blazed and Amused ASMR YouTube channel and freelance creations for other proactively minded cannabis brands, dispensaries and more. The goal here is to bring your mental wellness + self compassion to new heights while normalizing the herb that can bring healing to the planet.

How about becoming your own advocate? Let’s light up, chill out and dive in.

Dazed and Confused? no more, sista!

Blazed and Amused: combining cannabis wellness, cognitive science, and creativity to encourage a lifted lifestyle- from the inside out. 

Vibe with me:

cannabis lifestyle blog
women owned cannabis business and shop
cannabis vlogs and weed video art

Featured in: 

published cannabis artist, shezblazed

These days you can find me:

-soaking up the sun (and the moon, for that matter), hiking around Lake Constance, (aerial) yoga, cat mommin’ and book wormin’!

-diggin’ my day job creating content + resources to help relieve stress in the day-to-day.

-hustlin’ hard deep in research, writing + creating to continuously spread awareness on sustainable mental health and wellness habits (don’t worry, my UNhustle is equally as important). being a cannabis activist is like a whole way of life for me.

-challenging convention by promoting empathy through connection, whispering about weed for wellness, and wandering as often as possible.

I am blowing smoke on the stigma and painting the town green.

I’m glad you’re here too.

light up and stay a while, whydontchya?

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