Now announcing, the Blazed and Amused ASMR Channel on YouTube!

HIGH, friends! I’ve made a few changes around here and I’m excited to share one with you today: I have created a Weed ASMR Channel. Yep. I’m diving headfirst into the world of video and I’m taking you with me for an immersive experiment into relaxation. I’m a, *clears throat*, ASMRtist. Have you heard of ASMR yet? Do you experience the tingles? Do you sesh + tingle? So many questions.

asmr channel for cannabis healing and self careASMR and cannabis healing go hand in hand, in my opinion. So when my mind started going down rabbit holes of sight and sound that felt like sanctuary, I knew I need to look into the phenomena more deeply.

ASMR stands for a word that sounds super scientific and pretentious but it’s actually not: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR content and as a subculture has grown as more people start to make the connection between the soothing stimuli and relaxing responses.

The Wikipedia entry on ASMR defines it as a “…term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.”

ASMR Triggers

Favorite ASMR triggers ( or relaxation inducing mechanisms) really vary from person to person and there’s a long list. Some more popular triggers are:

  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Hand movements
  • Paper sounds/page turning
  • Eating/mouth sounds
  • Watching someone performing a task
  • Personal attention and so many other various role plays


People often turn to ASMR videos for stress relief, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and more (psych today). But on the flip side of that coin, some people watch these ’satisfying videos’ and are totally bored, or in some cases, completely turned off or “creeped out” by the stimuli.

The cannabis industry is heavily stigmatised (duh) and this doesn’t stop on YouTube. Although YouTube has been known to delete cannabis brands and channels without clear or logical reasoning, I’m going forth anyways. I am feeling a pull to create this Blazed and Amused ASMR channel daily. I can see a need for this type of content within the natural healing communities and I’d like to bridge the gap.

ASMR is an art.

ASMRtists create based on their own unique interests, quirks, personality, vision, and more. You can make ASMR videos on the classic side of things with a long list of triggers, you can be more deliberate with education, you can focus on mindfulness by creating meditations, the list goes on.

This is a huge draw for me, as I would like to learn and grow as an artist while simultaneously learn and grow as an individual on a healing journey amongst a sea of others. All of us, in our own unique location on the path, but together, nonetheless.

weed ASMR, blazed and amused cannabis videoWeed ASMR, my type of ASMR Channel

This is my vision. To expand my art into audio-visual format rather than just photography or collage. To bring cannabis education to the platform to those who need it (and ignore those who don’t get it- a bright and shiny challenge!). To highlight inspiring landscapes and lessons along the way. To provide healing resources to people specifically medicating with the herb. To create a living journal of my process growing in the cannabis industry and in art despite (and maybe even because of) my mental and chronic health struggles.

This is what lead me to my little HIGH-pothesis;) that just maybe I can bring people together through my imagery. I would just love to spark a conversation- internal or external. Maybe I can even get someone to think deeply about their own lives, the habits that create their entire script. Hell, maybe I can even provide stress relief and help activate the PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) for that one little moment where clarity strikes and they see truth. I can do my best to guide my nervous system and yours into rest and digest, introspection, creation, reflection, nourishment, self care, LOVE.

The impact these videos can have for those struggling with mental and chronic health issues (and ‘typical’ folks as well) isn’t well documented in empirical studies, but the rising culture and raving reviews speaks for itself.

So I’m showing up. I’m feeling and healing. I’m creating ASMR for stoners, for seekers, for dreamers, for healing now and later, for you, for me. I’d be stoked if you would check it out. If you’re vibin,’ consider subscribin!


Help a sister out and spread the word!