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My name is Lindsey! I’m a small town cannabis activist with big dreams. My meaningful work as a cannabis self care educator, artist + activist makes me feel like a new age trailblazer! Obsessed with: books, camping, yoga pants and purple haze. I’ve been livin,’  lovin’ and introvertin’ since 1987. Read on for the deets!

Story Time! Light it up, pass to the left!

My name is lindz and the internet seems to think of me as a flower child kitty girl just floating around on my throne of ganja goodness most days. I don’t know about all that, but I do love this life and celebrate that often with my weedy self care, neuro nerd out parties, and even (GASP!) a digital detox every now and again here on Blazed + Amused. But that hasn’t always been the case – I used to dim to fit in. Even worse, when this pathologized into mental + emotional disorders, I allowed my circumstances to define me. My illness became my identity. Learned helplessness and a ball of anxiety, oh lawd. It was messy, stressy and just what I needed to light my fire.

I serve the dreamers, blazed babes + believers, and the out of the box thinkers by delivering education and inspiration on cannabis wellness, lifestyle and mental health. I find that many new users fumble with figuring out how to incorporate cannabis into their lives appropriately and productively, exacerbating the initial problem or concern. For us ole timers, I’ve noticed that many are passionate about the plant, but often battle with the “lazy stoner” stereotype and other struggles stigma brews up. So I create content, courses, and resources to help you feel aligned and empowered to embrace your creative cannabis journey and take control of your wellbeing.

A little unconventional, but stay with me. This lifted lifestyle can enhance the way you show up in the world. A holistic approach to healing by introducing the herb can transform you from burnout to blazed up and effects more than just yourself. This can have a trickle effect, positively impacting our communities and planet. But it all starts at home.

I have made it my life’s mission to blow smoke on the stigma surrounding cannabis (and mental health while we’re at it!) and encourage others to get out there and live the high life as well.

Life hasn’t always been bud, babes and mile high smiles over here, though.

Cue the ‘way-back machine.’

I grew up in a small town in Florida. One that instills strong ideals. Some were worth gripping onto, like an insatiable love of camping and black sheep. Others I’ve worked hard to unlearn, and could have totally done without, like a negative perspective of “those other people.” It’s a broken place, but it’s richness is nestled within its brokenness. I am fortunate to have a loving family….a whole hell of a lot of family, to be sure. In all colors, shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities! I should have known these miracle humans would ultimately carve out my life’s mission of empathy and connection. But where did the pot come into the picture? I’ll get there!

You see, in my lifetime so far, I’ve been the big sister figure to dozens upon dozens of incredible humans.

Both my mother and grandmother are/were selfless caregivers and medical foster mothers, meaning I’ve seen medically fragile little humans come and go from my home all my life. With the 2007 market crash, it seemed like my family could barely keep their heads above water. Badly abused and shaken babies started flowing into the foster system like a sick trend- bruised and battered, sometimes to the point of vegetative state. This depressing new norm left me with just one question.


I guess that’s where my intense curiosity of the mind, brain, and body ultimately stemmed from. But more on that later!

At 24, I left home and started over. I needed answers and I wasn’t going to get them pushing paper and playing in the creek. The west coast was calling and she wasn’t letting up.

After hanging out in San Francisco for a year getting my California residency, I spent my mid-late 20s studying at the University of California, San Diego. As a first generation college student meandering through massage school and then community college, it was a life dream of mine to study at a University, even starting at the ripe age of 25 (do you even go here?).

At UCSD, I was required to take classes like ‘Drugs and Neuroscience,’ ‘Drugs and the Brain, Mind + Culture,’ ‘Cognitive Ethnography,’ ‘Systems Neuroscience,’ and more (twist my arm!).

My wheels started turning as I immersed myself in the scientific literature and case studies.

It seemed like stigma, before just an abstract word with a bit of stickiness, morphed into this being I could suddenly see. I wanted to introduce myself to Stigma…to get acquainted with her a bit, maybe ask her where she came from and why the hell she liked ruining lives. And then slowly, carefully, I began to understand her. I dove into a pool of question marks concerning Mary Jane and her origin, uses and efficacy. I paired that with the study of the brain and its biases (and was even able to sneak a little German study in there).

It was as though a veil of fear and ignorance was being lifted.

I was hooked.

But I was also upset.

I thought of all of the kids I shared my home with.

The foster kids of past, present + future who weren’t allowed access.

The caregivers of these kids who would get thrown in jail for using a plant as medicine. A deep knowing began to emerge: I must use my voice in this space.

LET’s revisit the roots for a second

Remember all of those inspiring humans I was fortunate enough to share my childhood with? If we are counting my foster siblings as well as my foster aunts + uncles I saw each day, we are talking hundreds.

Low hundreds, but hundreds, nonetheless. Woah! Not to mention the caregivers themselves.

ALL whom could have benefited medically from the Cannabis plant in some form or another. NONE of whom were actually “allowed” to do so. (Keep in mind the lack of hesitation to prescribe things like narcotics and opiates. Insert pain inducing eye-roll.) Not to say the plant is a cure-all, but it sure as hell should at least be a part of the conversation when it comes to healing yourself.

I knew I couldn’t stay quiet on this issue.

I guess you could say THIS is where my intense intrigue with my own creative cannabis journey stems from.

it was a rough start though, I’ll tell ya

During my time at UCSD, my mental health issues persisted in a very rollercoaster-esque manner. Quite ironic since I spent most of my time studying the inner workings of the very internal system causing me such much distress. Consequently my physical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial stability came crumbling down around me.

I was lucky enough to have a few genuinely good humans in close proximity (including one bomb ass ganja girlfriend I convinced to move in with me in San Diego from Florida!) and one ever supportive partner -albeit long-distance for years- that encouraged me to seek help.

I went through years of therapy and big pharma soup. Played the medicine switcheroo so many times that my sense of self dissipated. My personality started fading away and it tried to take everything else along with it.

Cannabis was my lifeline. It allowed me to find a moment of calm in times of overwhelm. It was the only way I could build an appetite as I went through the seemingly ever-changing prescriptions and dosages. As a happy (and unexpected) side effect, it provided me with a small tight-knit community of other ‘stoner students,’ who inspired me to come home to myself.

Ultimately, cannabis gave me the ability to put my health into my own hands. It allowed me to break down the mental barriers to my own healing that I didn’t realize were there. The icing on the edible? I was able to come home to myself and figure out what really lit my fire. Forever intrigued by human optimization and research, I developed skills to manage stress as it comes rather than modern society’s idealized independence and constant hustle + burn out cycle. This has ultimately led me to get super serious with self care, home into my creativity (something I didn’t know existed) and own my story- both light and dark.

After a great deal of time processing, analyzing, reflecting, and self experimentation, I am a proud supporter and activist for plants over pills and consciousness over conformity. With my Blazed and Amused lifestyle brand and shop, I hope to reach others who might need a little life lift in the form of a self care time out, or those who already made the decision to include cannabis into their routine but may be struggling with apathy, overwhelm, or straight up canna-confusion.  Together, we can absolutely flip the script, take charge of our mental health + wellbeing and elevate the conversation to change the outdated views on cannabis.

Our girl Mary Jane isn’t a cure all, but hey, a little TLC, THC or CBD can do a body (and mind) a lot of good! She sure made a cannabis activist out of me!

These days you can find me:

-soaking up the sun (and the moon, for that matter), hiking around Lake Constance, (aerial) yoga, cat mommin’ and book wormin’!

-diggin’ my day job creating content + resources to empower my blazed babes to manage their Mary Jane Mindset and find their flow

-hustlin’ hard deep in research, writing + creating to continuously spread awareness on sustainable mental health and wellness habits (don’t worry, my UNhustle is equally as important). being a cannabis activist is like a whole way of life for me.

-challenging convention by promoting empathy through connection, actually talking about my stuggles and wandering as often as possible

Sister sesh with me on the ‘gram @shezblazed

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