Whether you get just the slight bit irritable or you experience full-on debilitating cramps with accompanying “is this my new normal, I just wanna die” life questions while sweating in the fetal position, I have some solutions that will hopefully ease the tension of Aunt Flow’s time visiting. Time for some cannabis self care.

Admittedly, I am a member of the latter, hence why I thought it was absolutely necessary for me to do all the digging and experimenting I could to try to feel like a normal person when my period hits.

I want to be one of those women that celebrate it rather than dread it with every fiber of her being. Those women are out there -somewhat mystical in my eyes.

This is my first step in getting there.

Awareness;) Let’s proceed, shall we?

I think we all know by now that the art of the self care slow down not only decreases stress, but has the ability to increase creativity and productivity -and our brains really eat this stuff up. But this isn’t another one of those “meditate daily and your life will be changed forever” posts…because I already did that over HERE.

Cannabis Healing- A brief history lesson

Texts dating as far back as the 9th century tout the healing properties of cannabis during women’s monthly moon cycle and today’s market is finally starting to catch on to this little golden nugget of wisdom.

“It is only recently that a physiological basis for these (medical cannabis) claims has been available with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system.” Cannabis’ “role in obstetric and gynecological conditions is ancient, but will surprise many by its breadth and prevalence,” explains leading cannabinoid researcher Dr. Ethan Russo.

I will get a bit more personal with the Endocannabinoid System in a future post, but for now I will drastically oversimplify it by saying that it’s basically an entire internal bodily system (think Nervous System, Digestive System, Circulatory System, etc) which has receptors whose only job is to bind to phytocannabinoids(cannabinoids from the cannabis plant) or endocannabinoids (cannabinoids we make naturally in our bodies. WUT?!). We are quite literally physiologically wired to consume this plant. Holy shit, what a beautiful thing! Because of the high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in the uterus and its lining, scientists (and normal human beans alike!) are beginning to realize how useful it can be to toke up, bend + blaze, or pause and pamper when your period strikes. Want a detailed scientific explanation of the ECS before I break it down for you? Refer to this journal article from Frontiers of Behavioral Neuroscience.

Did you know that stress increases menstrual cramps? Even more reason for you to light one up and stay a while. Check it out.

Cannabis for Period Pain

1. Ganja Yoga + 420 Fitness

I know you think the last thing you could use right now is a swift kick in the ass from someone telling you to move your body but- MOVE YOUR BODY. A little dab will do ya. I’m not asking for much, just your current best. If that is the slowest Yin Yoga of your life, hell yeah, I am right there with ya. If that is a triathlon, I’ll wave at you from the sidelines with my blunt and burrito, but good on you!

Just get your foot out the door or on your mat.

Working out releases mood-enhancing beta-endorphins and enhances circulation. These endorphins work similarly to morphine Contrary to popular belief, you can indeed enjoy a workout with a buzz. Cannabis is used as a pre or post workout regimine all the time and I’m starting to understand why. Don’t believe me? MJFITNUT is forever inspiring me to get out there and elevate my heart rate and head space.

Yoga during your period is actually somewhat of a controversial topic, believe it or not. But with the undeniable ability both yoga and cannabis have on getting you out of your “ordinary state” and into flow, I just had to try out the coming together of the two. Benefits of Ganja Yoga include (but are not limited to) “enhanced relaxation, deeper embodiment, elevated creativity, and expanded consciousness (Ganja Yoga, Chapter 3).” I am super pumped to keep fleshing this one out, updates to come! So far I can say I’m super into medicating and flowing with Yoga with Minelli over on youtube. 

Cannabis Infused smoothies

2. Cannabis Infused smoothies 

 First of all, no, you don’t get high. But yes, you should definitely juice some Mary Jane for the more chronic health benefits associated. It’s not just about getting high in the world of weed anymore. Cannabis has been coined by some as “the most important vegetable on the planet,” and I’d have to agree. Dr. William Courtney made a statement that “you are actually walking away from 99% of the benefits cannabis provides when you cook or smoke it.”Cannabis has the typical health benefits you would see in your greens but with the added bonus of its secret sauce- phytocannabinoids! The raw cannabinoid acids could help by improving the functioning of cells, reducing both inflammation and damage caused by free radicals, facilitating cell communication and (BONUS!) even acts as a neuroprotectant.

Pro tip! Don’t juice your dried buds or old leaves. The fresher the better. Some dispensaries can hook you up on this, just ask.

3. High Tea

It’s all about the heat, baby. Sure, you can get relief from rubber pouches of hot liquid goodness but you can get similar effects if you put that hot water directly into your body. Cozy up and brew yourself a potion. Throw your cannabis stems you would have otherwise trashed in with your tea of choice and allow your stomach muscles to unclench. Sweet relief!

Pro tip!I Throw ginger in your tea or smoothie. Start small because, you know, ginger. She’s spicy and she will sneak up on ya. Studies show it can be as effective as ibuprofen. Hell yeah. 

4. Bath Soak

If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, you are lucky enough. Ha!

No, but seriously. Remember what I said about it being all about the heat?

Soak your bone-yos in a warm bath to help your muscles relax. Make it special and light a candle or have a chill playlist to switch on for maximum therapeutic benefits which include calming your ass down and relieving anxiety during this time.

If you can, treat yourself to a sauna sesh + stretch. Your body will be thanking you.

No, of course I didn’t forget to sprinkle a little green in this ritual! It sounds simple, but just hear me out.

Smoke or dab in the tub. if. at. all. possible.

It is the ultimate feeling, I don’t know why I waited so long before trying this baby out.

Sweet, sweet indulgence!

5. Products

There are countless cannabis self care products out there to help you with your Aunt Flow UNhustle + accompanying cannaBLISS. You can rub, spray, ingest and even insert healing hemp products to your heart’s desire. Wow, 2018.

My current go-to for cannabis self care is without a doubt, Simple Jane. They provide the anti-inflammatory goodness that comes with the added CBD, use therapeutic grade essential oils and even top it off with a little magic in the form of crystals and kindness (seriously, best customer service experience out there. I feel like I can’t even call it that. More like a turning point and welcome ceremony into the world of cannabis healing. Did you see what they did HERE? Their massage oil makes me feel like I’ve hit the pause button, died, come back, and hit the pause button again. Add this to your yoga or meditation ritual and feel a sense of renewal for putting yourself first for a change. They are a woman owned company and are seriously rocking it with their sexy simplicity.

Bonus tip! And you don’t need to have any pot for it.

Eat bananas for their cramp defense, potassium.

And while you’re at it go ahead and snack on some pineapple as well. Research shows that bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, eases pain and cramping. Score!

Cannabis Self Care for menstrual relief, now you know.

Of course, the results will vary person by person. It isn’t so black and white and as research develops we will know more on the topic, but for now, this is what I have found works through personal experience and/or data collection. I created this list as a personal reminder and template so I can actually walk around on two feet during my time of the month and I truly hope you can find some solace here as well.

If you have any further recommendations that you swear by or are interested in trying in hopes of putting Aunt Flow in her place, let a sister know in the comment section below! I am always tweaking + refining my own self care rituals and am forever cannacurious!

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Are you like me and need a little convincing that your time of the month is this divine feminine experience? It’s hard to do when you’re curled over begging the Universe for mercy.

Well, I’d like to offer you a little planning page I like to use to keep my mind right and vibes high during this time of the month. Cannabis + Contemplation in physical form!

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