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Cannabis Content Creator Europe, shezblazed shares her story on how she broke into the cannabis industry

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I’m Lindzi Vagary, am American expat currently based in the South of Germany with my husband Stanley and our cat child, Leia. Who am I? Holy smokes, where to begin? I am someone who gives a damn. Someone who believes in the simple power of slowing down, the vitality of plants, the necessity in creativity, the healing in silence, and the magic of mornings. 

My intention is to bring curious audiences a piece of refuge within the cozy high-production-value content I myself swoon over. My work as a filmmaker, cannabis photographer, artist, activist, and storyteller is a far cry from what I studied in college… đŸ˜‰Â Interested in how I got my start? Here it is!

Creating cinematic content to celebrate beauty, nature, and slowing down with cannabis creativity. I help people find their own version of cannabliss by delivering creative solutions, captivating visuals, + a dose of engaging education, for good measure.
wake and bake flatlay and some stoner stress relief

Cannabis Content Creators Unite;) @shezblazed