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Braided Macrame Plant Hanger, 20 inch


Spruce up your space with a breath of fresh air from your personal plant in this minimalist style macrame plant hanger. Put in your favorite flower, succulent, or cactus (OH MY) to give your office some personality or fill it with herbs and supply your kitchen with more utility.

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Zen Den Collection: Small to Medium macrame plant hanger. Looks fabulous against the wall or hanging freely.

Spruce up your space with this handmade, minimalist style macrame plant hanger. Simple and feminine hippie chic, this design perfectly marries style and utility.

This piece is 51cm / 20 inches in length from top to bottom of the fringe. Holds pots up to a diameter of 15cm / 6 inches.

Handmade in Germany with love.
Please allow me to make the next addition to your Zen Den.

5% of every purchase goes to charity benefitting medical refugees. The Zen Den Collection’s goal is to promote both calm + creativity. Each piece I make results in new design inspiration while at the same time encourages me to keep even more plants around the house. It’s quite a beautiful cycle.

Plants and pots are not included.


Welcome home! My name is Lindsey and I nurture free spirits for a living. Blazed + Amused is a space for personal growth, development and empathy with Mama Ganja as our intuitive healing tool. I serve those looking to change their story from burn out and apathy to Blazed and Amused, a lifted lifestyle from the inside out. By combining cannabis wellness, cognitive science and creative inspiration, I create tools of change + connection. My meaningful work is to help bring more mindfulness and fulfilment to your rituals around Mary Jane. Check out my weed blog or 420 Shop for more. Cheers!

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