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Stone Pipes: Natural Purple Fluorite Crystal Pipe


Crystals and stones harness Energy of the Earth and connect you to your higher self. Fluorite, known as the “Genius Stone,” represents our highest state of mental successes and is known for its calming + grounding properties. Each color offers slightly different attributes (details below). This stunning natural purple fluorite crystal pipe makes the perfect stoner gift! Or treat yourself to this handmade one of a kind piece- pipe art for vibrational energy healing.

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Stone pipes, gemstones and crystals harness Energy of the Earth to be able to connect you to your higher self. Fluorite, known as the “Genius Stone,” represents our highest state of mental successes and is known for its calming + grounding properties. Each color offers slightly different attributes (details below). We have a selection of other stone pipes to choose from as well.

Our Fluorite stone pipes are 100% raw (ie: unpolished with inclusions and rough edges) and no two pieces are the same! I thought it best to preserve and celebrate the variations in color provided by Mother Earth. Due to its smaller size (think of it as a larger one-hitter), the pipe doesn’t have a carb. Weighty but still portable and the ultimate double threat: chakra healing and plant healing combined (when in use with your favorite cannabis strains, of course).

It is important to note that the pipe pictured will not be the exact pipe you receive. If you have a specific request or would like to see some of the available crystal pipes at any given time, simply ask ([email protected]).

Specifics on Stone Pipes

☾Details ☾
• Fluorite is composed of calcium fluoride and is in the Halide family.
• Size varies due to the unpolished nature of the crystal: 3.3″ to 4.3″ (8,50 – 11cm).
• The weight of the pipe ranges from 180g to 305g.
• Stainless Steel Screen (removable + replaceable)
• Handmade
• Every pipe is cleaned and free of dust.
• Can be cleaned with kosher salt and high concentrated pure cleaning alcohol.

☾ Purple Fluorite ☾
• hardness: 4
• geometric: isometric
• chakras: third eye
• positions on body: forehead
• colors + variations: light to dark purple
• emotional influence: uplifting + mentally stimulating.
• spiritual associations: learning + self-confidence.known to neutralize negative energy and bring balance + clarity of vision.

This pipe comes ready to use in a complimentary gift box!
Buying as a gift and want to add a personal message?
I would be happy to hand write a little note on your behalf! Just leave me a note in the ‘Message to Seller’ box or shoot me an email at [email protected]

From Germany with ❤

Blazed + Amused: not just stone pipes!

Did you know that with every purchase you’re contributing to the progress of Cannabis Culture in a unique way? We believe in clean + safe access for all when it comes to cannabis healing.

For each purchase from the B+A 420 store, a percentage of proceeds goes towards Cannabis Non-Profit Organizations. Annually, we pick a foundation or charity that funds research + public cannabis education or even aids critically ill patients. So you get a gold star, you modern day cannabis advocate, you. I’ll smoke to that one!

Cannabis Community! Welcome to the B+A smoke sesh!

Lindz here- cannabis activist, strategist + catalyst for those healing holistically with a little ganja guidance! I’ve gotta thank you for taking the time to feast your eyeballs on my “products with purpose,” as I lovingly like to refer to them. If you’re curious why I’m such a passionate pothead, feel free to poke around the Blazed and Amused blog or ‘About Me’ page. Join me over @shezblazed on instagram where I chat about cannabis health + wellness, productive pothead life hacks, and share stoner thoughts from myself and the BA Cannabis Community.  420 friendly with a side of vulnerability comin’ atcha!

I’m excited to be spending my energy on the progressive Cannabis Movement. Most importantly, my meaningful work is to destigmatize and normalize cannabis use for healing, self care, and (gasp!) recreational use. Haven’t you heard? Hemp heals. Cannabis cures. It’s not a panacea but it can change the world if we let it- and it all starts at home. So why don’t you slow down with some self care and a journey inward? A little CBD, THC, + TLC can do the body (and mind…oh and spirit) a lotta good;)


Welcome home! My name is Lindsey and I nurture free spirits for a living. Blazed + Amused is a space for personal growth, development and empathy with Mama Ganja as our intuitive healing tool. I serve those looking to change their story from burn out and apathy to Blazed and Amused, a lifted lifestyle from the inside out. By combining cannabis wellness, cognitive science and creative inspiration, I create tools of change + connection. My meaningful work is to help bring more mindfulness and fulfilment to your rituals around Mary Jane. Check out my weed blog or 420 Shop for more. Cheers!

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