Favorite European Dispensaries

CBDeluxe Hochdorf, Switzerland. My favorite dispensary lies on the outskirts of Lausanne. I get a wonderfully nostalgic feeling in this beautiful space. A natural, earthy vibe permeates throughout. CBDeluxe is run by a group of forward-thinking dudes just bursting with hospitality.

Green Passion is a tiny little store front dispensary in Zurich, and my introduction to CBD. The budtender was helpful and the vibe was cozy, also a clean and earthy aesthetic.

Green House in Amsterdam is super smokey with a chill ‘I’m living in a movie’ type of vibe. I felt 50 times cooler and more sultry than I actually am just walking through the door.

Dampkring in Amsterdam solely for the fact that their brownies were probably the best I’ve ever had. It was shoulder to shoulder in there and very red so a bit of a sensory overload for me personally. Fun fact: a scene of Oceans 12 was filmed here.

Favorite American Dispensaries


Nectar Cannabis has a little bit of everything. I was even tempted to get my whole wardrobe from there. They had lots of beautiful people there, smiling and warm. I was with two people who’d never been in a dispensary before when I visited and they walked them through the process thoroughly and worked with compassion.


My go to when I was in San Diego (2016-17) was a delivery service called Lucky’s Collective. I can’t seem to find them online now but mannnn they were so great. Average delivery time was an hour, which blew my little nugget. And they threw in extra little goodies each and every time. Every stoner’s dream.

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