Where to buy CBD oil? Check with family first.

Knowing where to buy CBD oil has become a puzzle of sorts. With so many random canna companies popping up seemingly overnight, it’s tough to know which products are healing and which are just hokey.

Although I have been a cannabis patient and consumer for years now, I have only recently delved into using CBD products. I have some MAJOR ganja girl crushes happening since diving into the cannabis wellness space – a particular mother-daughter duo is the topic today.

They inspired me to create this Weed Crush Wednesday segment;) Allow me to hit ya with the back story and why I feel so compelled to share Simple Jane with you all (unsponsored, off the cuff, all my own thoughts)! Happy WCW!

where to get CBD oil

women in weed unite!

My first ever Weed Crush Wednesday goes to Simple Jane, a mother daughter duo encouraging sexy simplicity and self care with their herbally enhanced wellness line. When I very first started my 420 friendly instagram account, they befriended me and encouraged my healing. They inspired me to start this series in the first place with their generosity and selflessness, even never having met them.

*crosses fingers* One day!!

Cannabis Community: Here’s my Simple Jane Story

Simple Jane initiated a Call to Action on their instagram one day that I couldn’t ignore. I had only just stepped into the cannabis industry at the time and was wide eyed and eager to find my tribe in this healing and welcoming space of lady blazers. The ladies of Simple Jane announced that they would send a free sample of a new CBD self care product to anyone willing to go outside. Yep! You simply had to get active and enjoy your Saturday outdoors. Perform self care and get rewarded with more self care?

Sign me up, baby!

cannabis community women in weed

It was a particularly sunny day so I did just that. And they held up their end of the deal which meant my sister was getting a lovely little pick-me-up in the form of a yummy bath night! She was going through a particularly rough time AND I had recently moved to Europe. I didn’t want to inconvenience the ladies of Simple Jane with a hefty international shipping fee so the clear choice was to send it to her in Florida.

When I told Simple Jane about my sister needing this pick-me-up more than I did at the time, they completely opened their hearts to me and offered to include a handwritten note. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a bit long winded. And this note was no different in all of its 6 pages of supportive I love yous.

My sister had no idea the package was coming. When it arrived it met her in a moment of desperation -she was completely beside herself. It had come at the perfect time. As she read the note that Simple Jane went soooo totally above and beyond to include, tears streamed down her face.

Stoner serendipity: not looking for anything, just enjoying your day in the forest then receiving what ended up being my new self care staple for my sister and myself. I wasn’t curious about where to buy CBD oil at all, it simply wasn’t on my radar. And thannnnnnn, 

A little CBD mixed with love: now that’s self care serendipity

Family. So that’s where I get my CBD oil. It has an emotional foundation but a practical outcome. I can’t recommend them enough.

Simple Jane was that vessel of love for me. For us. They saw where a little light needed to be let in and they did something about it. They practiced empathy, the biggest turn on in the world to me! 

Maybe this seems trivial, but I will never forget the raw emotion from my sister’s face. In that moment, I could tell that she felt understood. That her story was being seen and heard, and that she matters. Oh boy, does she matter.

I will forever be thankful for that random contest that day, and to Angella and Chelsea… because without them knowing me, they welcomed me to the cannabis space in the warmest possible way. Our stories matter, and by fostering community and encouraging connection, Simple Jane inspired me to share mine. 

I’ve been using the oil for months now and sampled a few other brands. Hands down SJ is my favorite to date, but I guess not everyone makes decisions based on emotions so I wanted to share a bit more about why I’ve stuck with them in particular.

My opinion: Simple Jane is the best CBD oil

 Family owned and small batch totally wins my heart. But they care about what goes into it and seem to work for passion, not profit. When Simple Jane started, Chealsea and Angella were looking for products they wanted to use for themselves and their loved ones to heal and restore. With Simple Jane products, you can rest assured knowing they contain:

  • The highest quality triple-tested, hemp-derived CBD on the market.
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils
  • No preservatives and organic-when-posssible
  • Simple, pure ingredients curated to raise your vibration and heal your mind, body & soul.

Now you know where to buy CBD oil for elevated self care. I hope you give them a try. Tell them lindz sent you;)

Help a sister out and spread the word!